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From the church raising funds to the small restaurant wanting to create standard employee uniforms, every organization with a supportive audience and an ongoing need for embroidered logo merchandise can utilize one!
That means you!

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The QB Online Store is designed for the customers of Queensboro.com wishing to offer selected custom embroidered logo merchandise to a supportive audience of users with an ongoing desire for such items. Perks include:


What Can I Sell?

We have over 400 embroidered apparel items, bags, hats, and more for you to sell and we add more all the time. You choose the items you want to sell, you choose the colors of each item, and you select the embroidered logo(s) permitted for each item! Here's a small sample:


What Is My Profit Potential?

Use our simple calculator below to find out how much you can make / raise simply by creating a store and telling people about it!

Your Potential Profit:

Store Questions

What are the most commonly asked questions about our stores? Here are your answers.

  • Why do I want a QB Online Store?
    • Do you have an active organization whose members would like or need to purchase embroidered logo apparel to show their affiliation with the organization?
    • Do you need to ensure your "brand" is portrayed with custom color and product settings?
    • Would you like members to make individual purchases from your online store?
    • Do you have a business, team, charity, or an event with an audience with a desire to purchase your logo apparel?

    • Get rid of the paperwork, stop collecting payments, and create your QB Online Store with us.
  • What does a QB Online Store cost?
    A one-time, non-refundable fee of $150 is required. This is for the creation of your store, setting up or completing the setup of one logo, as well as our ongoing support of you and your store. Note, an active Queensboro.com customer account with an order history is required before a store will be created.
    We want to ensure you are happy with the quality of our work before investing in a Store with us!
  • Will the logos on my Queensboro.com account be present in the QB Online Store
    All embroidered logos that are approved by you and ready to use from your Queensboro.com Logo Lounge will show up in the QBOS Administrator's area of the store. A logo will become visible to customers via a Shop By Logo menu once you have paired items to be sold with the logo. If there are no products for sale attached to the logo, your customers will not be able to see the logo.
  • How can I upload new logos to my QB Online Store
    All logos must first be uploaded to your Queensboro account. The logo is not available in your store as an embroidered logo until you have placed one order through Queensboro.com with the new logo or you reach out to the QB Online Stores team for a Logo Work order, which has a $25 fee per logo.
  • Do I have to pay setup fees for new logos uploaded to my Queensboro.com account
    You may add new logos to your account and place an order to initiate logo setup with NO setup fee. We suggest this order be placed as we want you to see the final product before adding items for sale in your store with a new logo. Plus, having items to show and share will only help to create interest in your new logo and your online store. If you do not wish to purchase merchandise for a new logo, contact the QB Online Stores team and we can arrange the setup of a Logo Work order for a $25 fee per logo.
  • Can my customers upload logos on my QB Online Store?
    No, the only logos on your site are the logos you (The Administrator) submit and approve via your Queensboro.com account.
  • Can my QB Online Store customers choose embroidered logo thread colors?
    No, only the QBOS Administrator is able to select thread colors for embroidered logos used on the store's merchandise.

    A primary task of the Administrator is to select thread colors so the logo has an ideal appearance on each product color in the store. The thread colors may vary within the logo on different product colors so your "brand" is properly portrayed.
  • Can I make printed apparel available for sale in my QB Online Store?
    Currently, printed items are not available to add on the stores platform. This is something we will be looking to add in the future. Please contact our Customer Experience Team if you need help placing an order for screen-printed items from your personal account.
  • Can I make promotional items available for sale in my QB Online Store?
    Promotional items (Pens, Mugs, Key Chains, etc.) are not currently available to add on the stores platform. Please contact our Customer Experience Team if you need help placing an order for promotional items from your personal account.
  • If Queensboro.com does not offer a specific item, can I request for it to be added to my QB Online Store?
    Special request items will be considered and can be added to your store if viable.
  • How can I make a profit with my QB Online Store?
    The QBOS Administrator may apply a markup to items sold in their store by either a percentage point or a dollar amount. You will have the ability to mark up all items with the same increment or to apply your price markup to each item individually.
  • How will my QB Online Store's profits be paid out?
    Payments will be made on a monthly basis for all QB Online Stores with a Ledger balance in excess of $50 accrued profits as of the monthly report date used by the QBOS Team. For balances below $50 at the monthly report date, the balance will not be paid, but will accrue to your store's Ledger until $50+ is reached.

    Queensboro will make a payment by direct deposit for the amount reported no later than 60 days after the end of the month. The QBOS Administrator may also elect to receive their profits as merchandise credit applied to their Queensboro.com account.
  • Will the QB Online Stores get the same sales and promotions as Queensboro.com?
    The offers seen on Queensboro.com are applicable only for orders placed via Queensboro.com. Instead, there are specific promotions, or coupon codes, available for use within QB Online Stores with a 1 week duration per promotion. These coupon codes are displayed on the store's home page and are also provided via email to each store's Administrator. To increase sales, we suggest QBOS Administrators actively promote their stores and mention these promotions using both social media tools and emails directed to their target audience.
  • Will my QB Online Store customers be emailed promotions?
    Your store's registered customers will receive one email a week announcing the current promotion in place for use in your store. When your new customers log into your store the first time, they will have an opportunity to opt in for your online store's promotions to be sent by us on your behalf. All such promotional messages include an opt out feature if a customer does not wish to receive future messages. Your customers won't receive emails from Queensboro.com unless they have registered specifically with Queensboro.com.

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What Does It Cost?

$ 150 Set Up Fee

You pay a one-time fee of $150, before tax. This fee includes the creation of the store, completing one logo setup, hosting the store, as well as our ongoing support of you, your store, and your customers.

No Inventory Purchase Requirements

No Order Processing Charges

No Order Fulfillment Charges

Over 400 Products To Choose From

Custom Landing Page

Reporting Tools For Sales Tracking

Email Marketing Support

QBOS is host to over 8,000 online stores and we've awarded hundreds of thousands in payments. Let it work for you!


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